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2014-08-03 11:51:18

Top Coder 2014

I would like to announce that I was able to get a free entrance on Top Coder - ultimate programming tournament in San Francisco. If you would like to get some additional informations about Top Coder and maybe get your free ticket, check their site too.

If you attempt to get your free ticket you will need to do application with an algorithm. To start coding you will need to load your code arena with random application description. I had some problems to load arena during the day - probably because of site's traffic. After you load your arena you will have on-line compiler and testing scripts for your application. You can code in few languages - java, C#, c++ and few others. The bad thing for iOS devs is that there is no Objective-C or Swift option. I've chosen c++. There is no time limit for your task and page is renewing session while you're on the site.

I had task named "Taro friends". I'm not going to post application on GitHub, but if someone would have similar task name and need a help you can contact me.

See you in San Francisco!

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