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2015-09-10 12:02:43

Swift 2.0 tiny review

Last month I’ve finished studying manual for new version of Apple’s Swift programming language. I see more bright future for it as complete replacement of Objective-C in professional projects. I’ve found many useful built-in features and hope to have it less buggy as in version 1.2.

So I came through free book from Apple with more than 800 pages (iPad mini size). Lecture was very interesting and I’m convinced to use swift in my next project.

I would like to present a short list of features, which were interesting for me, so you could check it on your own.


  • optionals
  • function as argument
  • nested functions
  • property observers
  • Tuples
  • number spacers (1_000_000)
  • closed range operators
  • labeled statements
  • fallthrough
  • #available()
  • in-out parameters
  • recursive enumeration
  • lazy stored properties
  • mutating methods
  • subscripts
  • unowned references
  • nested types
  • computed properties
  • extensions
  • generics
  • access control
  • bitwise operators
  • wildcard expressions


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