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2013-12-17 11:22:23

Small app with Emotiv neuroheadsets

Emotiv is a company developing computer interfaces to analyze brain. Their interfaces are based on EEG technology. I was really late in discovering their devices, but I was amazed when I saw a video from TED conferency

One of my clients was looking for simple solution to analyze data from headset - he wanted to have simple application which could name and save readings to csv formated file at chosen location. That sounded not complicated, but as always it depends on provided SDK.

Hopefully there was a lot of ducumentation available on the site. There was also few code examples in c++ - one of them had implemented code to save data in csv format. SDK was providing two main applications:

EmotivControlPanel - thanks to that application I was able to connect and read data from headset.

EmoComposer - thanks to that app I was able to simmulate headset virtually to work at home without real device.

SDK was working really well so my only task was to use one of the sample codes and add few GUI controls.

My story with Emotiv was really short but inspirational. I'm looking forward to use BLE headset version from Emotiv - this could be really cool enhancement for mobile devices.

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