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2014-08-10 17:22:36

First serious startup project with iBeacons

After iBeacon technology was annouced, I had no opportunity to make something bigger than simple code with iBeacons devices. Since I had already some experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (thanks to my friends from TOTUPOINT), I was able to create a demo application without some big problems. It was nice to know that such a small device can communicate with mobile devices and also be able to notify them and store small data. Guys from Estimote prepared really well their devices to work well and look great.

In the last week, I've started really interesting project and found few new friends at the same time. I've started cooperation with guys from WiCard. After one week we were able to discuss ale the main features and make a consideration about major protocol of communication. Since we are working in Warsaw I was able to show guys few interesting places for evening party in the city - WiCard team come from Switzerland and it was their first time in Warsaw.

I can't say too much about the main concept, but we are going to add some fresh ideas in working with iBeacons. I'll update this post after some major changes and of course I'll provide you a link to the app on AppStore when we finally finish.

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