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2013-09-05 23:48:40

Firefox OS official premiere report

Occasionally I was guest on official event of new Firefox OS operating system for mobile devices. It was second official premiere in the world and it was organized thanks to local geeks from Firefox from Warsaw. I heard before some informations about this new OS, but it's always better to check how it feels on real devices.

I remember very well day 30.07.2013. I was spendind a great time doing my hard, freelance work in the park, drinking cold John Lemon and looking for new great idea which could change the world, when suddenly I saw big commercial on one of the local dormitories. I've stopped immediatelly my unstoppable work with deadlines for ASAP and started to "google". I've found a meetup event and the address. Okay, the whole story was a little bit different but one thing was true - I was laying barefoot..

Whole event was organized in local beach club LaPlaya at Vistula river. I've checked in and grab some beer - summer was quite hot that year. There was only few talks about the OS and we were able to test it on devices compatible with Firefox OS.

First impression was almost the same as when using Android 4.3 - it was ok but not so super smoove and responsive as iOS. User interface was similar to current solutions in iOS and Android. Underneath Firefox OS we could find kernel-based Linux. System was promoting open sources standards and it was creating new open alternative in mobile world. The most interesting information for mobile devs (e.g. me) was that platform was accepting native apps written in web standards - HTML, JS, CSS. It was quite nice to have such a straight way to deploy HTML code directly on phone - btw there was available simulator addon for Firefox browser to test apps without real device.

I will look forward to see how does it grow in next month and how market will react on new player in the game. Who knows maybe I will give up iOS for it.

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